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What service we offer

our services

What service we offer

Plumbing Emergency

All varieties of residential, commercial, and office plumbing systems are acquainted to our highly skilled and knowledgeable plumbing professionals.

Piping Alteration and Fixtures

Call One Touch Mechanical for pipe repair if you need to have your underground water or sewer lines repaired.

Water Heaters repair and installation

We can replace and install Boiler and Hotwater tanks if your water heater suddenly needs to work harder to complete the task, repairs may be required.

Boiler Repair and Installation

Being a fully accredited and authorized plumbing company, you can depend on our plumbers to always make changes that are both safe and efficient.

Residential and Commercial Plumbing

Our plumbing crew is qualified to work on backflow preventer assemblies, gas lines, water pipes, and sewer lines.

Tenant Improvements

We are able to ensure that your building is updated to specification and plumbing code when handling smaller plumbing jobs like moving sinks, toilets, pipes, and water heaters.

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